Who we are - Partner Profiles

We are 7 partners from around the globe. Among us we speak 11 languages, we have lived and worked in 54 countries, we have held 38 top team positions, have served 65 companies and have lead or supported 117 change projects.

Luiz A. Heeren, Managing Partner

Expertise: General management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance

Region: Brazil, Latin America and Europe

Luiz Heeren started his career in 1976. He worked for 25 years in British American Tobacco (BAT) in a number of chairman, general manager and finance roles in BAT Operating Companies across the UK, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Poland, South East Europe, the Balkans and Brazil (Souza Cruz). During this period, he also worked in BAT’s M&A area and was responsible for significant investments across the world. Before joining BAT, he worked in several public and government institutions in Brazil (i.e. investment and development banks, government statistics, stock exchange, consultancy and holding co.). Before joining InReach Global Consulting he was a partner at Base Capital Partners and CEO of Group IMG based in Lisbon (Portugal).

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Anniek Kindts, Partner

Expertise: Consumer and Brand Marketing, Leadership Development, Coaching

Region: UK and Western Europe

Anniek built a corporate career at Unilever and British American Tobacco. In a career that spanned nearly 20 years, she held senior executive positions as Vice-President Marketing and Regional Director of Marketing across 3 continents: Canada, Western Europe, Malaysia/Singapore. Anniek has served on 3 boards and 2 audit committees.

In more recent years, Anniek has also worked as an executive coach, specialises in Integral development coaching for individuals and teams as well change-management coaching.

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Fabian Di Felice, Partner

Expertise: IT, Leadership Development and Coaching

Region: Argentina and UK

Fabian Di Felice has more than 20 years of experience working in large multicultural and multinational Companies, including BAT, Unilever and Transport for London. During this period he lived and worked in 6 countries located in 4 different continents: Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Hong Kong and the UK.

As a corporate executive, Fabian was deeply involved in major change initiatives around the world, including: external stakeholder management, significant changes in the supply chain model, multi-market SAP implementation and complex multi-regional organizational, cross-functional restructuring. He has also served on several Boards and top teams. He has also coached senior executives of large multinational companies in 3 different languages.

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Olga Klimanovich, Partner

Expertise: Public Relations, Human Resources

Region: UK and Eastern Europe

Olga has had an interesting career spanning from working for a large international Non-Profit Organisaton and Foreign Government Public Affairs Office to working for an international advertising agency, FTSE-100 multinational FMCG and working for boutique consulting companies. She has worked in Belarus, USA, Russia and the UK. Olga had an opportunity to work at a small market, lead market, regional and global level.

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Carlos Coutinho, Partner

Expertise: Sales, Trade Marketing and Distribution

Region:Brazil, Americas, Europe, Africa and China

Carlos built a corporate career at British American Tobacco. Previously he served the Brazilian Army for 6 years as artillery’s officer. In a career that spanned nearly 42 years and started in Souza Cruz in Brazil, he held senior executive positions as Trade Marketing and Distribution Director and went on to serve on 3 Boards, work in fifteen countries and live in seven.

In more recent years, Carlos has also worked as an independent consultant, specialised in Trade Marketing and Distribution, prior to join InReach Global Consulting.

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Renée Petzer, Partner

Expertise: Business Information, IT, Leadership Development and Coaching

Region: Africa, Middle East

Renée built a corporate career in the Mining and Financial Services sectors and then in FMCG at British American Tobacco. In a career that spanned 25 years, she held senior executive positions as Global Head of Business Information for Marketing and Regional Head of IT for Africa Middle East. Renée also works as an executive coach, specialising in integral development coaching with individuals and teams.

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Dhammika Premarathna, Partner

Expertise: Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Change Management

Region: Canada and Asia Pacific

Having started as a Graduate Trainee in Volkart Brothers, a Swiss international company, Dhammika’s corporate career began in British American Tobacco and spanned across multiple cultures in four continents over 20 years. He was Regional Head of Operations/Supply Chain (VP) - Asia Pacific, Regional Program Manager-Africa & Middle East, Area Supply Chain Director - South East Asia, Operations Director - Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and had working stints in UK, USA and Belgium. He was also a member of Global Operations/Supply Chain Leadership team and the Asia Pacific Regional Leadership Team.

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