Who we are - Partner Profiles

Olga Klimanovich, Partner

Expertise: Public Relations, Human Resources

Region: UK and Eastern Europe

“One of the General Managers I worked for once said ‘Give Olga anything like a run down factory or a stagnating state institution, she will come up with a plan how to revive it and will make sure it runs like a clock’ – this is exactly the kind of challenge I enjoy. Add a multi-cultural flavour and an engagement need and you have my full attention. Take away the opportunity to have fun and communicate with people and I will walk away.”

Olga has had an interesting career spanning from working for a large international Non-Profit Organisaton and Foreign Government Public Affairs Office to working for an international advertising agency, FTSE-100 multinational FMCG and working for boutique consulting companies. She has worked in Belarus, USA, Russia and the UK. Olga had an opportunity to work at a small market, lead market, regional and global level.

Olga has supported growth of a small BAT office in Belarus with well structured stakeholder and employee engagement strategies, which led to quadruple growth of the company’s market share. At the Western European Regional level Olga was responsible for external and internal communications support of four factory closures. She also had a great opportunity to work for the HR function, supporting the growth of the BAT Belarusian office and implementing a functional leadership development programme for BAT Corporate and Regulatory Affairs specialists in Western Europe. Olga had an opportunity to develop a Leadership Development Approach for ENRC PLC, a global natural resources company.

Olga holds a BA degree in English, German and Education from Minsk State Linguistic University and an MA in Comparative International Development Education from the University of Minnesota, USA. Olga also received an MBA in Management for Central and Eastern Europe from the European University of Viadrina in Germany.

Olga is best known among colleagues for a “can do” positive attitude, spending time on developing her teams and for creating a fun environment to work in.

Olga is Belarusian, currently living in Surrey England with her husband and two children. She is fluent in Russian, Belarusian and English, and her fluency in German and Polish raises proportionately to the amount of beer consumed. Olga is passionate about hiking and has finished three full length powerwalking marathons to raise money for breast cancer charities.