Who we are - Partner Profiles

Luiz A. Heeren, Managing Partner

Expertise: General management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance

Region: Brazil, Latin America and Europe

“I was once told that I am a “do-er”. I learned during my working experience and I strongly believe that Vision, Ideas, Words are as good as you wake up in the morning and run to execute them and make them happen. I´m very proud to be a “do-er” and to lead teams that can realise things. I´m passionate about making dreams come true.”

Luiz Heeren started his career in 1976. He worked for 25 years in British American Tobacco (BAT) in a number of chairman, general manager and finance roles in BAT Operating Companies across the UK, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Poland, South East Europe, the Balkans and Brazil (Souza Cruz). During this period, he also worked in BAT’s M&A area and was responsible for significant investments across the world. Before joining BAT, he worked in several public and government institutions in Brazil (i.e. investment and development banks, government statistics, stock exchange, consultancy and holding co.). Before joining InReach Global Consulting he was a partner at Base Capital Partners and CEO of Group IMG based in Lisbon (Portugal).

Luiz lead major business initiatives and business changes throughout his management career. His most notable achievements are related to leading and supporting the team that acquired 46% of Market Share in Mexico for BAT and lead BAT during the huge transformation that took the company from 5% Market Share to full domination in Peru during very complex political situation. He also excels in leading teams in very difficult cultural environments such as Poland during EU accession and the Balkans in the aftermath of the Yugoslavian war. His ability to manage people and stakeholders internally and externally is well recognized.

Luiz has dual nationality , Brazilian (birth place) and Portugal, and has worked during his career in Brazil, UK, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Poland , Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia and Portugal.

Luiz Heeren is bachelor and master of economics from the University of Rio de Janeiro and has business management diplomas from different universities, such as Wharton (USA), Cranfield (UK) and Darden (USA).

Luiz, as he is known at the tennis tournaments around the world, is very proud of his senior tennis ranking at the International Tennis Federation. Also, from time to time, he goes around on a Cessna 172 and enjoys looking at the world from a more adventurous perspective. Luiz is also a volunteer of the Red Cross in Portugal and Brazil and his main voluntary activity is to support senior citizens.