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Whether small or large, all companies face challenges. These can be ad hoc or on-going; these can be for numerous reasons: strategic, operational, environmental, human resources, finance, marketing, legal… and some of these challenges can have a significant influence on the company’s perpetuity. Risks are a constant in the business world and “it can be very lonely at the top…”

What we offer

We strongly believe that it is extremely healthy for the executive and for the organisation, to have someone who can balance the executive’s views, discuss alternatives and raise challenges on a peer level without the risks involved of doing so internally. Our Business Mentoring services aim to fulfil this organisational need.

At InReach, the advice and discussion will come from someone who was there, “powered by real-world experience”, someone who faced the same sort of issues and has run complex businesses around the world. A true experienced business mentor.

We offer you a partner with whom you can discuss any issues openly, without any limiting conditions and explore and evaluate the options that present themselves.

Regardless of the issue you face, whether strategic, operational, in marketing or finance, we provide perspective and viewpoints that will allow you to sense-check your thoughts, give you the chance to explore your assumptions and decisions with a neutral third party before you take the first step of change.

Why Business Mentoring?

Generally, the C-suite is a “lonely” place where decisions have to be made and where problems and risks arrive already brainstormed and analysed.

It is often difficult for CEOs to find an internal sounding board to bounce off ideas and to think through possible scenarios and alternatives; mainly because the functional structure or the culture of the organisation does not encourage it or does not allow for an open discussion.

An organisation culture or belief that the “Number 1 should know it all” or where leadership and management teams do not feel able to challenge the thinking of others, is evident across cultures and organisations across the globe. However, the destiny of an enterprise should and cannot be determined by a single leader’s vision or thinking.

How it works

To date, our partners have held or mentored 29 senior/
executive positions in 50 different countries worldwide.

The InReach Partner, who we will mutually select to be the best fit for you, will structure the business mentorship to suit your specific needs. The arrangement will be flexible – whether part or full-time, online or face-to-face.

A first meeting is set, at no cost, so that mutual chemistry and understanding as well as content, venue, timetable are properly organised. After all is agreed between Mentor and Executive, sessions will begin.


A. If your need for a business mentor is ad-hoc and requires a more short term but intense mentorship (e.g. at a time of strategy planning or when a risk or opportunity arises) – the mentor will be on call for you and preferably in or near your location. The arrangement would take the form of a time-bound mentoring assignment.

B. If you require more on-going mentorship that is longer term and more intermittent – the mentor will be available for you at set times, albeit not necessarily in or near your location. The arrangement would take the form of a mentorship retainer.

In all cases, Business Mentoring will be priced on an hourly basis. The cost will be customised according to the local rates.


Contact us for an initial conversation about your business mentoring needs and how we can support and add value to you and your business. We will be more than happy to customise our services to your needs. Initial consultation is free of charge.

Luiz A. Heeren,