Contact or Join Us - Join us as a Consultant

We are always looking to engage new consultants, experienced FMCG professionals with a proven track record who are available for and excited about serving clients on challenging projects around the world.

Everyone in our team, from partner to consultant, has gained first-hand knowledge and experience working in an industry that is both mature and controversial; where the sustainability of the business depends on constant creativity and forward thinking.

The main role of our network of consultants is to develop and deliver dedicated projects, most often in your local geography. Your exact role in the project team will be in line with your expertise and skills: executive, senior or specialist consultant. This may vary from project to project. In addition to servicing existing clients, consultants are invited to bring new clients, new business to InReach as well. All the above expectations are reflected in our remuneration opportunities. As an InReach Consultant you can take part in two ways:

1. Through Business development: introducing a new client and bringing new businessto InReach:
Consultants who secure an InReach project will be entitled to a commission relative to the total project value: we apply the market rate range. The exact commission is decided by the Management Board and is paid on completion of the project.

2. Through Project Participation:
All partners and consultants selected to work on a project will be paid an hourly consulting fee as per the project rate schedule and according to the InReach pricing principles. We anticipate that hourly rates will be in line with local (where the consultant is based) market practice, yet competitive enough to secure new business.

In summary, what's in it for you? As an InReach consultant you will become part of an exciting new venture, you will be able to expand your experience across new sectors, companies and possibly new territories. If you already operate independently, InReach offers you the opportunity to engage and deliver to clients you would not be able to serve on your own. And of course, we will feature all our consultants in our website.

If you are interested in pursuing this avenue with us further, please fill in the Consultant Membership application Form and send it to us with your CV (max 1 page) to: We will contact you within 5 working days. We look forward to hearing from you!